Almost half a century after a first TV series and feature film, Jim Gabour Moving Pictures LLC remains an active production company.

selected long-form music productions

    • Producer/Director, “Lukewarm Water Live”, concert film hosted by Derek Smalls, with Jack Black and symphony orchestra at L.A.’s Palace Theater.
    • Producer/Director, “Spinal Tap’s 25th Anniversary Concert DVD”
    • Producer/Director, “Heroes of Rock: The Fiftieth Anniversary of Rock & Roll”, live awards/concert for The Recording Academy (Grammy® Awards), US.
    • Producer/Director, “Norah Jones Live in New Orleans”, #1 worldwide multi-platinum DVD, Blue Note/Capitol Records.
    • Producer/Director, “Norah Jones Live in New Orleans”, hour concert version for worldwide broadcast/cablecast, Blue Note/Capitol Records.
    • Producer/Director, “Floetry Live” DVD, DreamWorks Records.
    • Co-Producer/Director, “All on a Mardi Gras Day”, four-hour live worldwide broadcast from Rio, Trinidad & New Orleans, BBC1/BBC2, UK.
    • Producer/Director, “New Orleans Now”, 4-hour music mini-series, Channel Four Television, UK.

    • Producer/Director, “All Alone with the Blues”, six-hour music series for worldwide home video release, Storyville/Sonet Home Video, Denmark/Sweden.
    • Co-Producer/Director, “An Evening with Wynton Marsalis”, hour special tribute to Louis Armstrong, Arts & Entertainment Network, US.
    • Writer/Co-Producer/Director, “Deep in the Shed”, performance/concept film on pianist Marcus Roberts; BMG Home Video, Pioneer LaserDisc, Bravo Network; US/UK.
    • Co-Producer/Director, “New Orleans Live!”, six one-hour concerts, Public Broadcasting Service, US.
    • Co-Producer/Director, “Let the Good Times Roll”, feature-length documentary/performance film on the “Roots of American Music”, Island Visual Arts/Polygram Video, US.

  • Producer/Writer, “Life, Love & Lunch”, 88 half-hours food & cooking series designed for international television, co-production with Quincy Jones Broadcasting.
  • Writer/Director, “The Master Gardener Show”, series pilot on American Master Gardener system for Kelsey Grammer’s Grammnet Productions, US.
  • Producer/Director, “Big Time TV”, children’s variety/sitcom pilot; Quincy Jones, David Salzman and Brandon Tartikoff, Executive Producers; Fox Network, US.
  • Co-Producer/Director, “Carnival!”, 90-minute documentary, BBC/Lionheart International Television, UK/Australia.
  • Co-Producer/Director, “Music from the Big Easy, Volumes I & II”, two hours of R&B concert, BBC/Lionheart, UK.
  • Producer/Director, “Friday Night Jazz”, four hour concerts, Arts & Entertainment Network, US.
  • Writer/Producer/Director, “At the Catfish Hotel”, one-hour 1910 musical re-enactment of Storyville red-light district brass bands, Bravo Network, US.

selected short-form music productions

    • Producer/Director, “They Just Can’t Stop”, Al Green, EPK, Blue Note/Capitol.
    • Producer/Director “It’s Getting Late”, Floetry, DreamWorks Records
    • Director, “Brown-Eyed Girl”, Steel Pulse, Atlantic.
    • Director, Buckwheat Zydeco EPK, Atlantic.
    • Director of Photography, James Taylor EPK, Columbia/Sony
    • Director, “Cajun Moon”, Randy Crawford, Atlantic/Warner Germany.
    • Director, “The Grand Encounter” EPK, Dianne Reeves, Blue Note.
    • Director, “Shining Star” & “Shining Star (Julio Mix)”, The Jazzhole, Bluemoon/Atlantic.
    • Director, “Jamaica Man”, Dancehall Divas, Mesa/Atlantic.
    • Director, “Forward Motion”, The Jazzhole, Bluemoon/Atlantic.

    • Director, “One Love”, Black Uhuru, Mesa/Atlantic.
    • Director, “Typewriter”, Louie Rankin, Mesa/Atlantic.
    • Producer, “Does Your Heart Still Break”, Simon Climie, Epic UK.
    • Director, “Tip of the Iceberg”, Ice T/Black Uhuru, Mesa/Atlantic.
    • Producer, “I Love You, Goodbye”, Thomas Dolby, Virgin UK.
    • Director, EPK, Buckwheat Zydeco, Charisma.
    • Director, “Sleepless Nights”, Marion Meadows, Novus.
    • Director, NARM presentation, Chris Whitley, Sony/Columbia.
    • Director, “Boomerang”, Spunkadelic, SBK.
    • Director, “All American”, Brother-Brother, Chrysalis, UK.
  • Director, “What Do People Know”, Poco, RCA.
  • Director, “How ‘Bout Us”, Betty Wright/Grayson Hugh, RCA.

work in collections

  • JVC World Anthology of Music & Dance
  • BBC Worldwide Library
  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  • The Experience Music Project
  • Tulane University Jazz Archives
    New Orleans