Jim started working with his parents’ newspapers at age eight, went to University on a Press Association scholarship, and never let go of the typewriter/word-processor/laptop.

works in print

Unimportant People

With an energy and a dark slapstick humor that closely mirrors the reality, this novel  vividly depicts the street-life of New Orleans and the extremes to which humans will go to communicate with one another.




Meow, Monsieur!

A collection of cat stories published by Pelican Books came out in March 2021.



Unlikely Events (in progress)

An illustrated novel that centers around two characters, 4,800 miles and 125 years apart, who in spite of the separation, find that their lives keep intersecting. One is a magic-saturated assassin in Belle Epoque Paris, and the other a seemingly normal entomologist trying to restore a dilapidated home in contemporary New Orleans. Both have problems integrating into the societies in which they are immersed. In “Unlikely Stories” the two appear in 37 alternating chapters, the two lifelines intertwining more and more over the progress of the individual stories.



The Guardian web site features articles by Gabour on life in the Big Easy and its often painful struggle to recover since Hurricane Katrina.






Open Democracy
Jim wrote a weekly column, entitled “The Sunday Comics” for the international website of in London for five years.

writing samples