jim gabour

Writing, producing and directing from his long-time base in New Orleans, Jim Gabour says he has never stopped learning. “The New Media change shape overnight, so every project I start brings in at least one new element — and that’s why I enjoy it so much.” Gabour literally grew up working in the media. His parents published weekly newspapers in Louisiana for over thirty years. During post-graduate studies in Twentieth-Century Drama (he also has an MFA in sculpture), Gabour did the same for South Louisiana’s first weekly entertainment tabloid, Gris-gris. From his experiences there, he went on to write, produce and direct broadcast television, a “cultural anthology” series which lasted five seasons, with Gabour moving on to write and direct his first feature film. The quest for the cutting edge has led Gabour to five US Cable ACE awards for Best Music Series and Best Music Director, music video medals at the International Film & Television Festival of New York and the WorldFest Film Festival, two nominations for “Best Director, Music Special” and a 2007 Grammy Nomination for Best Longform Music Video.