John Goodman premiered the Coen brothers film “Inside Llewelyn Davis” and discussed that movie and his entire career with Gabour and his Loyola students.

Writer/director/actor Harry Shearer of “The Simpsons” conducted a three-day workshop with Jim on how film comedy works for Loyola filmmaking students.

Director Taylor Hackford and action star Jason Statham with Prof Jim Gabour and his Writing/Directing class on set of feature film “Parker”.

Gabour took his Writing/Directing class to visit with Theo van deSande, ASC, director of photography, on the set of Sylvester Stallone’s “Homefront”.


Loyola film student Alex Camera and 36 other of Prof Jim Gabour’s film students were acting extras on two separate episodes of HBO’s “Treme”.


Jim demonstrates one of Loyola’s portable mini-studios for an “Introduction to Digital Filmmaking class.


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